Building Network Capability

Assisting network owners and operators to address challenges around efficiency, process, culture, behaviours, customer experience or commerciality. clutch has proven practical experience in successfully addressing these issues while meeting customers expectations. clutch assists networks to drive increased efficiency, profitability and commercial outcomes.

New Connections

For developers wanting to connect a new development to any infrastructure network, clutch can help maximise the benefits of working with the network, through the development of a tailored engagement strategy. clutch focuses on accountability, timeliness, shared understanding of process, outcomes and deliverables to align the network with your project schedule.

Existing Connections

There is an increasing need for asset operators and owners to identify operational efficiencies. When approached correctly networks can often provide valuable input into this process. clutch can assist in developing a tailored strategy to get you working in partnership with your network.

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The clutch philosophy is driven by successfully simplifying connection engagement, delivery and account management whilst increasing commercial focus. Our approach delivers time, commercial, risk and cost efficiencies enabling cohesion between networks and connection customers.